• Kampala Cultural Center


4505 Kisaasi – Kyanja Rd, Kampala

People who visit this Cultural Center and always treated to lots of dinner-theatre performances that involve the history of the country but also contributes to the promotion of knowledge and skills by the use of dance, music and oral histories to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of Uganda. While the moon and stars shine brightly in the sky, the visitors wine and dine with colorful smiles as if the World is an utterly exciting place.

This site features a 700-seater Amphitheatre is and is found within Ntinda in Kampala-the capital City of Uganda, approximately 2 kilometers from the Ntinda Trading Center and was founded in 1986 by Stephen Rwangyezi, a Ugandan Cultural activist who is also the Executive Director with an aim of promoting universal unity through dance, music and drama.

The center has for many years performed dances and songs from different tribes in Uganda and the neighboring countries especially Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya and when you are at Ndere Cultural center, your evening will simply be filled with excitement as you catch a glimpse of several performers in traditional dresses charmingly entertaining the audience with unsurpassed skills in dance and use of various musical instruments to entertain the enthusiastic guests.